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Just under 4 years old, Kash Pictures, lead by Prakash Murugiah & Mynn Lee has created a series of ground breaking shows such as English TV Drama series, Crossings; Kid’s Travel show, The V Squad; Tamil mini-series, Anjali; Telemovie Mama-Mama Mia and Premium Box Office made for TV movie, Selagi Masih Ada to name a few. Till today, Crossings which was produced in 2010 continues to be set as a benchmark for local producers by ntv7 while our latest shows, Mama-Mama Mia and Anjali has garnered one of the highest ratings for our clients in 2013.

Now eager for a new challenge, Kash Pictures are setting their sights on producing films whilst continuing to create ground-breaking shows on TV. Now they are producing telemovie 'Cerita sebenar mengenai Bibah'.

'Cerita Sebenar Mengenai Bibah' will be launching on 8.30pm on 30th December 2013, at TV9 in conjunction with New Year’s Day 2014.
Bibah - Siti Saleha
Hazril - Pekin Ibrahim
Nini - Tunku Norhanis

Habibah Mansor (Bibah) is the best and most savviest IT helpdesk operator in the history of Permata Holdings Berhad. Nevertheless, she is anything but confident when it comes to love… On one especially lousy day when Bibah was feeling bad about herself, Bibah jokingly decides to describe herself as “A Perempuan Melayu Terakhir” to a smitten caller in an effort to make herself feel better! However, when the caller, the newly hired Vice President of Permata Holdings Berhad asks her on a date, Bibah panics and talks her beautiful and tall colleague Nini, the “Ratu Kebaya” of Permata Holdings Berhad, into assuming her identity! Thus… setting an escalating series of hilarious misunderstandings and romantic crises!
Would like to know more about this telemovie please refer my previous entry HERE.

Tak sabar nak tengok muka sendiri dalam tv macam mana. haha Mesti kembang giler. Korang pun jom support telemovie Malaysia yea.

Till Next Entry.


  1. bestnyee! hehee tak sabar nak tgk Asyik kat tv! :D
    Anyways Qeela dah follow instagram & twitter Asyik, kalau sudi follow la balik yea? :3
    twitter: @QeelaAini
    instagram: evathechoms
    thanks! :D

    1. haha..malunya..nanti muka ntah pape jer kan..kih2..thank you Qeela..:)

  2. Ewah-ewah jd pelakon yea... (^_^) Pakat-pakat dok depan Tv la 30 hbln ni... He3

  3. Asyik! cantik dress tu. mana beli

  4. wjadi pelakon eaaa?waaaa...best ni..kena tgok..

  5. Wah nampak Asyik lah.... tapi sekejap je. Best juga ceritanya tapi part payung bersusun tu cantiklah

    1. ha3..terima kasih sudi tgk..payung2 tu mmg tarikan utama..;)


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