Gurney Paragon, Penang

Gurney Paragon tempat baru yang terdapat di Penang. Tarikan utama apabila ke Gurney Drive. 
Gurney Paragon is set to be the new premier shopping, entertainment, office and luxury residential address in Penang. It is a mixed development comprising a 700,000 sq ft shopping mall, an office tower, and two high-end residential towers. It is located on Gurney Drive, a beachfront esplanade that enjoys stunning ocean views and cool sea breezes.

But most uniquely, it is built around and inspired by the former St. Joseph's Novitiate - converted into St. Jo's, an area for stylish restaurants and cafes steeped in the architecture of Penang's heritage. Sangat menarik kerana senibina yang dibina mengekalkan keunikan Pulau Pinang. Can't wait to be there again this month.

My Lovely family. Bawa Giorgio berjalan-jalan kat Penang.

Seriously suka sangat dengan tempat ini.

We love you Penang. hehe

Till Next Entry.


  1. art street tu menarik laaa.

    jom join

    1. a'ah mmg menarik..byk lg sbnrnya tp xsempat nak snap semua gmbr..:)

  2. Tengok gambar tu memang semua enjoy je kan...

  3. Replies
    1. sgt2 cantik..byk lg tempat yg xsempat nak ambil gambar..:)

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  5. Jalan-Jalan ke Penang... Seronok walau penat Drive musim2 Jammed ni... (^_^)


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