Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lambakan Rancangan Realiti TV

Siapa kat sini yang tengok Master Chef Selebriti Malaysia tadi? Best ke? hehe. Asyik rasa kelakar tengok Che Ta sebab bila dia cakap jea mesti ada unsur-unsur yang panas disitu dan kelakar pula bila dengar loghat utara dia. Bukan mengutuk yea sebab Asyik sendiri pun orang utara. Tapi nampak macam dia penyeri suasana dengan sikapnya yang ntah pape tu. hehe. 

About Zain before this yang dikatakan biadap tu ada juga betul dari kata-kata dia tu. Juri perlulah adil dalam memilih pemenang jangan main tangkap muat jea. Tapi cara Zain memang salah sebab meningikan suara macam itu. Kesian pula tengok chef-chef yang kena marah. Pape pun janganlah banyak sangat drama kan. Asyik suka Celina dia nampak cool jea. And about Norish Karman Asyik minat dengan dia tapi tengok rambut dia macam tak bape nak sesuailah. Tak nampak cantik kat dia. huhu. Hope Celina takkan terkeluar esok. :p

Berkenaan dengan tajuk entry ini, lambakan rancangan realiti tv. Asyik rasa semua tahu kot tentang ini. Memang bersepah-sepah rancangan realiti sampaikan dalam drama pun nak buat rancangan realiti macam cerita Jodoh yang baru tamat tadi. Nasib baik Scha yang berlakon. haha. Bestlah juga. 

Dulu popular dengan Akademi Fantasi sampaikan Asyik sendiri memang dah tak kenal siapa yang masuk AF tu. AF1, AF2, AF3 bolehlah kenal lagi sape, lepas pada itu memang langsung dah tak follow. Nak mengundi lagilah tak pernah. Asyik pernah sekali jea seumur hidup mengundi untuk realiti tv ini. Nak tahu sape? haha. 

Korang jangan gelakkan pula. kih2. Kluenya ialah 'Biasa dia ini'.. Sape pernah dengar ayat tu? Kalau selalu buka keek mesti tahu. Mestilah Tomok. Asyik pernah mengundi untuk dia masa final OIAM. haha. Sebab tu lah dia boleh menang. kah2. Iyolah tu kan padahal Tomok tu memang dah popular dari zaman remaja kala lagi dengan group New Boyz dia itu.

Sekarang ini ada pula Kilauan Emas. Tapi Asyik tak follow pun cuma nampak iklan kat astro tu jealah. Banyak sangat realiti tv sampai tak tahu nak tengok yang mana satu dan yang mana paling berkualiti. Sebelum ini rancangan Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia, yang ini Asyik suka tengok sebab nampak mencabar dan kalau boleh Asyik nak juga join. haha. Konon macam kuat sangat lah kan. But Asyik suka yang lasak dan mencabar macam ini. Tapi memang excited tengok Fear Factor ini mencabar kesabaran kita dan ada abang Aaron Ajis kita. haha. Opsss Aaron Aziz.

Selain dari itu, Maharaja Lawak dan seangkatan dengannya iaitu Raja Lawak. Yang ini boleh tahan juga best. Dalam Maharaja Lawak dulu Asyik suka kumpulan Jambu yang memang jambu sangat. APTB. haha. Tapi nampak Raja Lawak 7 kurang gempaklah. Pengacara nampak lagi kelakar. Maybe masih baru kot. Ntahlah tapi macam tak berminat sangat nak tengok. Juri pula yang best pun AC MIZAL and ISMA. Apek tak best sebab nampak 'poyo' sikit. Sorry Apek. Awak kena lagi sporting kot jangan serius sangat. huhu.

Dan bermacam-macam lagi rancangan realiti tv sehinggakan tak tercapai mata untuk melihatnya. Pesan Asyik kat sini jangan terlalu taksub sehingga lupa perkara lain. Elakkan juga pembaziran. hehe. Hope dapat tengok lebih banyak rancangan yang berfaedah untuk semua. Yang dapat memberi ilmu dan pengajaran untuk kita. Kat bawah ini Asyik senaraikan antara rancangan realiti yang selalu kita dengar.

Apa lagi? Banyak lagi rasanya. Cuma jangan taksub sangat yea kengkawan semua. Ambik yang elok buang yang tak elok. Jumpa lagi next entry. xoxo

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Review : The Croods

This is movie review about The Croods.

Eep (Emma Stone) is a girl in a family of Neanderthal Cavemen (Homo sapiens neanderthalensis) living and hunting in pre-historic times, talking about how her family is one of the few to survive nearby, mainly due to the strict rules of her overprotective father, Grug (Nicolas Cage). When in their cave home, Grug tells a story to the rest of the family which includes his wife Ugga (Catherine Keener), his daughter Sandy (Randy Thom), his son Thunk (Clark Duke), and his mother-in-law Gran (Cloris Leachman) with a character that mirrors Eep's curious nature. He uses this story to warn the family that exploration and 'new things' pose a threat to their survival, and says to never not be afraid. This irritates the bored and adventurous Eep, and when the family falls asleep after dark, she ignores her father's advice and leaves the cave when she sees a light moving outside the cave.

Seeking the light's source, she meets Guy (Ryan Reynolds), an intelligent caveboy (Homo sapiens sapiens). She becomes fascinated with the fire he manages to create and is eager to learn more. He tells her about his theory that the world is reaching its 'end' and asks her to join him. She refuses and Guy leaves, but not before giving her a noise-making shell to call him if she feels the need for help. Shortly afterwards, Eep is then caught by Grug (who had been frantically searching for her). Grug brings Eep back home, planning to keep her in the cave for the rest of her life. He is joined by the rest of the family, who Eep then tells them about Guy and shows them the shell given to her, only for them to destroy it in fear of 'new things'. An earthquake then occurs, sending everyone running for the cave, only to be stopped by Grug moments before the cave is destroyed by falling rocks. When they climb over the wreckage to discover a land with lush vegetation, much different from their usual surroundings of rocky terrain. Grug takes his family into the deep forest to find a new cave.

While becoming aware of their new surroundings, the family are chased by a "Macawnivore" (a large, macaw-colored machairodontlater called 'Chunky') and attacked by a swarm of "Piranhakeets" (deadly red-furred, piranha-like birds). In an act of panic, Eep sounds a horn similar to that which Guy gave her. Guy hears this and rushes to her. Thinking quickly, he creates a torch of fire, which scares the birds away. The rest of the family are then captivated by the fire, having never seen it before. They steal Guy's torch and accidentally set the land around them in flames. Some giant corn is also lit, which rockets up to the sky, prompting a display of fireworks and covers them as popcorn. After feeling impressed with Guy's intelligence and mind of 'ideas', Grug bottles him in a hollow log to carry him in, then suggests that they take solitude in the cave of a nearby mountain mentioned by Guy. Guy is forcibly persuaded to lead the way, and soon begins to learn of the Croods' way of living, which he thinks of as unusual.


After an unsuccessful hunting attempt, Guy, his 'pet' sloth, Belt (Chris Sanders), and Eep build a puppet to fool and lure nearby animals. Having captured something afterwards, the family greedily devours everything they caught. Guy and Eep are more sparing. The others realize their greediness and stop eating. Grug then tells another of his morale-lowering tales, this time mirroring the events of their day, mentioning a girl Grug and Ugga had before Eep was born who did venture away from her cave and died. Guy then tells a story of his own about a paradise he nicknames "Tomorrow".

The next day, the family reaches a path coated in spiked rocks. A freed Guy then presents one of his various inventions called shoes. He makes some out of all the resources he can find, for each family member. This gains him some respect from the others except for Grug who starts to feel jealous of Guy's cleverness. After a slew of Guy's ideas help the Croods on their continuing journey, all the family members gain something. Ugga, Gran, and Sandy have their first idea to get past carnivorous plants (which showed what Ugga looked like without her hairband), Thunk encounters a crocodile-like dog who he calls Douglas (and later teaches him to roll off a tree), Eep and Guy grow closer together, while Grug is stranded in a ravine forcing Ugga to go back for him. They all reach a tree to stop for another night except for Grug, who feels distraught by his family abandoning his traditions of 'Yesterday' for Guy's traditions of 'Tomorrow.' The next day, a 'desperate' and left-out Grug shows the others some of his ideas (like a snapshot that involves the family being slammed with a flat rock) which all end up failing and humiliating himself. They soon reach the mountain, where Grug is unable to convince the family that settling in nearby cave is a better option, reaches to full anger, and proceeds to attack Guy. The two become stuck in tar and Guy reveals his family died drowning in it and their last words inspired his traditions of "Tomorrow." Grug has a change of heart towards Guy, before he and Guy use a trap to use Chunky to free themselves.

As they are about to reach their destiny, an earthquake opens a deep ravine in their path. Grug throws each of them across the gap and reconciles with Eep, but is left behind. He takes shelter in a cave and makes a torch. After seeing a large blank rock face, he paints a large cave-drawing of the Croods and Guy together. He then encounters Chunky, who proceeds to attack him until the torch is accidentally blown out, panicking them both. The newly-reformed Chunky lies near Grug where he has an idea. He then uses a skeleton carried by the Piranhakeets to transport himself, Chunky, Douglas, and several other animals across the ravine barely escaping the oncoming "end" destruction. He and the whole Crood family settle down in a paradise-like environment and Grug invents the first hug with Eep. Grug becomes less protective, letting the family be more adventurous and risk-taking, and gaining some pets, thus bringing happiness to them all and ride out towards the sun for "Tomorrow." (Source: Wikipedia)

Asyik bagi 5 bintang untuk filem ini. Sangat best dan rugi kalau tak tengok. Pergi tengok sekarang juga.
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Instagram Lifestyle #6

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Meet Lina Zahrah one of the Top Agent of Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM).

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