Kotex® Unveils New and Improved Kotex® Soft & Smooth alongside Kick Off of ‘Beat the Gush’ Campaign

For a woman, protection during periods is of utmost importance; but it’s not just about preventing leakages, it’s about dealing with the sudden gushes that happen: unpleasant and unexpected episodes that can disrupt any woman’s day. The new-and-improved Kotex® Soft & Smooth range, launched together with the exciting ‘Beat the Gush’ campaign, help address this need, telling women they do not need to let these sudden gushes get in their way!

The new Kotex® Soft & Smooth now comes with:
  • Rapid Absorb Core to help absorb sudden gushes immediately and directly at the source for exceptional protection.
  • Micro-Dri Cover with more than 3,000 micro holes for fast and effective absorption.
  • Infinity Lock System with side barriers and deep channels, providing all-around protection against leaks.
Sudden gushes are a common experience during monthly periods at any time of the day, particularly when there is sudden movement. This ‘attack’ often provides an anxiety of wanting to check for leakages when it occurs, leaving women uncomfortable and less confident to carry on with what they have on hand.

“Every woman can relate to sudden gushes, and Kotex® is proud to offer a solution to this common problem with the new-and-improved Kotex® Soft & Smooth, so that women can face the day with confidence!” said Aileen See, Marketing Manager, Kimberly-Clark Malaysia. “What’s more, as a leader in feminine care, Kotex® understands that life can have its own ‘sudden gushes’ or unpredictable moments when unexpected things happen, but we can’t let such things stop us from doing anything, whether it’s a day out with your girlfriends or an important work or family event. At the end of the day, a confident woman lets nothing stand in her way, and with the new Kotex® Soft & Smooth, there’s now one less thing to worry about!”

Supporting the Kotex® ‘Beat the Gush’ Campaign are confident women who believe in seizing the day and not allowing anything, even sudden gushes, get in their way! They include celebrity Diana Danielle as well as popular Instagrammer Qistina Shah (@sqistinashah) to Low Ngai Yuen from WOMEN:girls, a non-profit platform to empower women and girls to acknowledge their potential and realise their dreams.
From Left, Julie Woon, Abby Latif, Diana Daniell and Pengurus Pemasaran Kimberly Clerk, Aileen See.

Diana shared her view on the campaign, explaining: “I’m always conscious about being a positive role model for Malaysian women, because women face unique challenges life, and some of these can be so unexpected, creating havoc for hours, days, even weeks. However I believe that it’s possible to remain strong and get past rough spots, especially with the love and support of our loved ones. So for me, ‘Beat the Gush’ has a larger meaning and I believe it’s a wonderfully positive attitude which will see women through the unexpected moments of life.”
Low, Founder and President of WOMEN:girls and long-time activist for women’s issues, said: “It’s always an honour to support any campaign that advocates feminine confidence and to serve as a role model for Malaysian women of all ages, because we all have an inner core of strength, tempered by compassion, and we just need a platform to find our voice and make a positive change in our lives and the lives of other women.”
 Kotex is always appreciate the woman and they surprise us with branded bag from Coach. Every woman want branded bag right? hehe
Me with my Coach. Yummm yumm. Thank you Kotex.
Exceptional features help protect against sudden gushes, addressing the anxiety women feel over unexpected and uncontrollable heavy flow.

There’s much to be learnt about inner strength and resilience through digital media too – Qistina is a great example of confident self-expression. “As an active Instagrammer, I tell stories through pictures and what I really love to share are images that convey energy and confidence. Like any other girl, sudden gushes are such an unspoken and uncomfortable norm to me, and I’m glad now Kotex® has a solution for it and is also giving us the platform to openly and confidently talk about it!” she said.

Find out more on the Kotex® Malaysia Facebook page www.facebook.com/KotexMalaysia or on www.kotex.com.my for news and updates on how to ‘Beat the Gush’. Be inspired by the stories of these confident women plus check out the latest ‘Beat the Gush’ videos. Look out for your favourite Instagrammers too, who will be posting short clips of the campaign, and you get to win amazing prizes by coming up with your own #BeatTheGush caption!

The new-and-improved Kotex® Soft & Smooth range is available at all major outlets. For any other questions, call 1-800-82-1188 (Mondays to Thursdays, 9am to 5pm).

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