Sunday, October 26, 2014

Shea Talk by Dynamique

DYNAMIGUE is a league of energetic and young people who have the experience in successful planning and managing events. They have the expertise in providing services such as event planning, styling session and entrepreneurial talk all across Malaysia. DYNAMIGUE is proud to announce its Volume 1 Entrepreneurial Talk by Shea Rasol who will reveal her beautiful success stories so far.
This humble successful young (26 year old) blogger (65,000 followers) ( will be sharing her most memorable journey of the ups and down in the reality of blogging and the internet world. She will deliver and share her ultimate secret tips to success in a very intimate setting where guest have access to the speakers and brands present for the event, an event no one wants to miss.
Shea start with explaining their education background and how she start blogging.
Live performance from awesome team from Melaka.
Fashion Show by The Urban Hijra. Koleksi yang sangat menarik.
Joining Shea on her talk is a successful business owner of Gorgeous Luxury, Shakila Shaari who will elaborate more on the business side of success. Started out by selling prelove authentic handbags to owning several boutiques, definitely a noteworthy talk. 
Founder of Dynamique, Syahira. Thank you dear for the invitation and hope to see you again and good luck.
Some of the vendor who joining the event.
Video that I manage to recorded even the quality is not good but you can hear what they share on this video.

Fashion show by The Urban Hijra.

Asyik harap dan doakan semoga segala usaha Dynamique akan bertambah sukses lagi selepas ini. Come and follow them on instagram (DYNAMIQUE) and you can get more information and event update from them after this.

Till Next Entry.
Love, Asyik.


  1. amboihh media x mngajak! hahahha gurau je..kak har sempat i main tagging2 klu bosan2 buat la pstu gtau sy ok! congratulation on teh engagement yer :)