Saturday, July 11, 2015

Product Review : NEESYA LumiScience°®

Neesya is one of the most popular product right now. Popular because of their excellent and quality products. This is the second review that Asyik doing for their product and so far I like this product.
NEESYA Skincare
Hydrating Serum - RM125 (Rated : 4/5)
Brightening Eye Contour Gel - RM119 (Rated : 5/5)
Age Defence Moisturiser - RM125 (Rated : 5/5)
UV Shield PA+++ SPF30 - RM79 (Rated : 4/5)
Useful for outdoor activities and it is easy to wear and bring together into your bag.
Formulation of Titanium Dioxide and Octinoxate provides broad spectrum protection from damaging UVA and UVB rays. Silver Vine extract enhances skin translucency. Triple function: Defence-Repair-Relief. Shields skin against UV-induced loss of firmness, restores youthful glow, moisture barrier and soothes skin.
  1. Cleanse, tone and moisturise face.
  2. Smooth an even layer of UV Shield SPF30 PA+++ over face and neck. Apply before outdoor activities. Also suitable for water-sports.
  3. Re-apply after towel dry, perspiration and swimming.
Cool, fresh and a little bit hot in the beginning. After a while it feels comfortable. Non-greasy and quickly absorbed into the skin. In the eyes feel strained and it is odorless gel.
An eye treatment formulated in a 360° approach to address the major concern of the eye contour. Helps visibly brighten dark eye circles, diminish puffiness and the effects of fatigue and aging.

Regu®-Age PF counters the causes of dark circles, puffiness and improves skin firmness and hydration. LumiScience® Technology helps diminish discoloration, protect against oxidative stress and refine the early signs of age, while light diffusers refract light for immediate optical brightening effect. Fragrance and color free.
  1. Dispense 1 pump onto your fingers.
  2. With your fourth finger, gently pat Eye Contour Gel under the eye area, blending gently from inward to the outward corner. Followed by application over the top of the eye lids.
  3. Follow by smoothing the product over the eye contour until it's fully absorbed.
  4. Apply twice daily, in the morning and night.
    TIP: For a refreshing experience for tired eyes, place product in the fridge and apply a generous layer like an overnight mask to soothe tired, puffy eyes.
This intensive hydrating serum with AcquaCell helps boost lasting skin moisture by helping improve skin cellular fluidity and skin’s natural moisturising ability. Optimum skin hydration is restored and fine lines are diminished by the re-plumping and moisturising action of sodium hyaluronic and soothing aloe extract.

Skin texture is refined and radiance is enhanced with the combination of Silver Vine extract and bio-technological precious gem blend of yeast proteins. Skin radiates with vitality, as signs of dehydration are diminished and skin appears smoother, firmer with daily use.
  1. Use after cleansing and toning. Pump 2 pumps of serum and spread evenly over face and neck.
  2. Gently tap until fully absorbed andalways follow-up with a moisturizer or face cream.
  3. Apply twice daily, morning and evening.
This product has the smell of chemicals but not harmful. When used feels light and like not wearing anything except skin slightly sweating may be due to the reaction of the ingredients. After a while it absorbs into the skin and the skin will feel soft and moist.
Instant hydration moisturiser with multi anti-ageing functions. Enriched with Silanol and brown algae complex, helps restore youthful glow, smoothens wrinkles, firms skin, soothes and protects against environmental stress. Carbohydrate Complex provides deep and long-lasting hydration up to 72 hours. Silver Vine extract brightens and enhances skin translucency.
  1. Cleansed and toned face.
  2. Smooth an even layer of Age Defence Moisturiser on face and neck. In the morning, follow up with UV Shield SPF30 PA+++ for sun protection.
  3. Use twice daily, morning and evening.
Website : NEESYA
Facebook : Neesya Skincare

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