Monday, January 17, 2011

Escaped Kerachut [13th -16th Jan] - Penang

I'm back!!!!
After 4 days in the jungle and beach..It's really fun and i think i can survive more..haha
Actually I want to tell u all more detail about what i'm doing there..

[1st day - 13th Jan]
Gather at Uitm Jalan Othman, PJ at 7.30am and depart from Uitm at 8.00am..Arrive at Taman Negara Penang if i'm not mistake at 3.00pm..After that we trekking to Pantai Kerachut in 1 hours and 30 minutes..Some of my friends that can't walk they just take a boat to arrive to Pantai Kerachut..But I want to doing jungle's really fun you know..In that jungle it's make me think that we have to take care our flora and fauna..It's beautiful u guys..I'm taken some picture after arrive at Jeti Teluk Bahang, Penang..

[2nd days - 14th Jan]
On the second days we watch the sunrise and doing some activity such as aerobics and beach walk..haha..After that we got assingment that we have to draw some picture there in 15-20pieces and the lecturer want that at's make me really crazy to doing that drawing in limited time..hehe..And I can do it..huurayy..But we have to do it again after 2.00 pm..haha..From morning to evening just draw and draw..arghhh..@_@..We also can see the beautiful sunset..In the midnight we got another challenge..You know what our tent got tsunami because of our tent leaky..haha..All items such as our clothes are all wet and we ran toward to the hall and stay there at that night..All the girl tent are leaky and we sleep together at that hall with facing the beach and have a beautiful sound from the wave..hehe..Love it so much..

(This is my group sculpture - Obor-obor)

[3rd days - 15th Jan]
On that day same as yesterday we see the sunrise at the morning but different for our assingment which is we have to capture 7 narrative (connected to each other) and 3 voice (3 diffrnt images that shows on feeling) and I got it..huraayy..On the day we are also very fortunate to be able to see turtles laying eggs.. It's my 1st time seeing that..Very excited..Such a beautiful experience..^_^..At night we were divided into groups to make presentations on about beach Kerachut.. My group chose to play the instrument sounds found on the beach Kerachut and it makes a very beautiful music such as the shell and put it in a bottle..But we don't record it..:(

[Last days - 16th Jan]
Dont's have assingment because of we get ready in the morning at 8.30am to get into the boat..Just taken picture with all the member's and lecturer..Will miss u Pantai Kerachut..^_^

And I'm Home Now..


  1. haish, penang national park?? wahhhh, aku baru jek balik :) :) nape kte tak jmpe pun? :P

  2. wow..pergi juga ke?bila?mybe xperasan kot..ramai sgt..hehe

  3. Bestnye Die Pg jenjalan... Lpas ni kt Pg Toy Museum tau... Ha3...

  4. hehe..orait2..kita pg toy museum plak..

  5. penah p pantai kerachut masa dulu... belum lagi di renovate mcm sekarang... heehe...

  6. owh yea ke..skrg dh best..;)kna pg skali lg..

  7. just a simple story..broken english..haha

  8. salam

    indahnya gambar2 di atas, cantik sungguh ciptaan Tuhan, dan pandai sekali mereka yang mengambilnya :D

  9. hehe..pandai btul kamu mengatur ayat yea..hehe..but thanks a lot tau..

  10. haish, uitm PJ, apekah?? hehe dlu2 aku stdy situ jugak. amek kos pe ni? penyu tu, bila masa dpt tgk? tak nmpk pun (>_<)

  11. ad773..yg bertuah jea boleh tgk..mmg bertuah ari tuh penyu dtg bertelur..hehe