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The Benefits Of Using Valor Essential Oil

This valor can also be used to help support spinal health and also relieve muscle and joint discomfort. ✅ Apply on the spines from neck to tailbone, for back pain after a long strenuous day. ✅ Apply on left/ right side of shoulders and neck to ease stiffness and pain. Valor is easily one of Young Living's most popular oils. It is a blend of 5 oils. ✅ Black Spruce– know for it's rich, woodsy scent ✅ Blue Tansy– light floral scent that is Calming ✅ Camphorwood-Fresh, intense, woody somewhat eucalyptus-like ✅ Geranium– sweet floral scent that is light and uplifting ✅ Frankincense– earthy scent and grounding Contact me :