Sunday, September 20, 2015

Muffin Beauty Box

I love when I received beauty product from others. It feel like you get a gift. Who don't want a gift right? And what you have to do is just review it with your own experience and done. But until now I only review 2 of this product and already trying 4 product out of 6 product. Seriously it take more time for me because of my schedule is very busy. I'm actually trying to do as good as I can but sometimes when you want to write something but the idea is not coming out. Cliche right. Seriously it happen to me a lot of time. Errrr... Okay lets start with what I already review from Muffin Beauty Box . 
First let's take a look at this product Zamian Gold Cacao Chocolate Pack. As you can see below is my first time using Zamian Premium Gold Cacao Pack and this mask works very well on my face. It reduce my acne, blackhead and tighten my large pores. Another best part for this product is your skin feel smooth and smell like chocolate because of the main ingredients is Cocoa. 

Once you try you are going to love this mask and you just need to apply it for 10 - 15minutes then you can wash using clear water and you got the best skin you want. The packaging itself is user-friendly and easy for you to use, carry and safe. I definitely recommend this product to others. If you would like to see another review form others then you can read HERE.
Second product is Mask House Celebrity Bee-Tox Smoothing.
First time I am attempt to gel mask. And it was amazing although initially quite difficult to wear at first because the mask is little bit sticky when held. This mask is covered with two layers of transparent plastic white plastic and are intended to protect the moisture mask.

When using these masks it was cool, light and odorless. At first it was a little painful, but ultimately as usual and comfortable. These masks cover the entire face and is located on the face neatly.

This face mask is divided into two parts, masks for the top and bottom for mouth and chin. How to use a face mask is applied the top face mask to cover your eyes, nose, cheeks and forehead followed by the bottom face mask. The effect of this masks is very refreshing and moisturizing and nutrients in the mask quickly absorbed into the skin. That's amazing and relaxing when you wear it.
To read another review please visit HERE. That is the product I've done review for now. Please wait until I finish all. Thank you for reading.

Till Next Entry.
Love, Asyik.


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    1. I dapat free jea dear.. not sure kalau satu box tu berapa.

  2. Wow!!! Bestnya dapat free produk2 macam ni.. menarik tengok.. boleh try nanti

  3. baca tajuk igtkan makanan td...rietta suka mask...xkira apa jenis...yang penting mask...hehehe...

    1. hehehe..nama mcm sedap jeakan.. mask ni pun sedap macam coklat..:)