Monday, August 3, 2015

3 Tudung Satin For The Hijabistas

A lot of muslimah women know that there are various types of designs and materials of hijab available in the market. One of them is the lovely tudung satin which has that exclusive touch to it. It cannot be denied that slippery satin material makes it hard for us to style of headscarves but who can say no to its beauty. For the hijabistas who are patient enough to handle the satin hijabs or feel like they need a new look, there are plenty types of tudung satin designs which can suit your own style.

1. Simple plain
Women who prefer to have a versatile hijab, the plain simple coloured satin shawl is the perfect choice. Even though the hijab is one colour, but the shimmer of the satin makes a woman look stunning effortlessly. The simple plain tudung satin are suitable for women to wear anywhere such as a casual day out, to work, dinner parties and other occasions looking amazing from head-to-toe. 
2. Prints
Meanwhile, some ladies prefer some patterns and the printed hijab satins are great to be matched with plain coloured tops. For example, if you are wearing a simple plain top, the printed tudung satin can definitely perk up your fashion look. Besides that, the printed hijabs serves a nice classy look for women to show off everywhere they go. 
3. Satin Inner
However, if you find it hard to iron or slip in the slippery satin tudung, you can always experiment your look with the satin inners instead. Pin in a chiffon or cotton shawl on top of the satin inner and still look glamorous wearing a satin material. For muslimah women who wants to bring more focus on the satin inner, wear a statement necklace and rock the look in style. 
Asyik prefer to wear satin than other material because satin give you elegance look and you don't have to wear any accessories to show your style. Below are are some of the tudung satin that Asyik love to wear. 
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Love, Asyik.


  1. org dah cantik manis mcm asyik...pkai apa pown cantek...rietta pown suka tgk org pkai satin...nampak sangat elegent...tpi rietta sndiri xseswai nak pkai...hehehe...

    1. Satin ni sesuai nak nampak kemas dan senang juga nak bentuk..

  2. Cantik..ade yang senang terbentuk

  3. cantik je tgk asyik pakai.. terletak dan nmpak kemas... sesuai ngn imej lecturer.. =)