Monday, January 13, 2014

Look Post : Peach Flowers in the Garden

When you saw something that really attract your eye of cause you would like have it. Same with me here, when I saw this tops and palazzo pants it really make me want it and put it into my closet. The colors firstly attract my eye. Peach, pink and mixed with red it shows how colors can influence your life. Shape from tops make you look little bit thin and palazzo shows how comfortable when you wear it. Make sure every outfits you wear is comfortable and can show your confidence.

Photographer :  Giorgio Izas

Shawl : (Gift from Auntie)
Tops : Brands Outlet 
Palazzo : Kl Sentral
Bag : Acewin
Accessories : Forever21

Till Next Entry.
Love, Asyik.


  1. Beg tu lawo lah kena dengan baju dan palazo tu. Serba merah lah mak ngah. Comel gitu

    1. hahaha..sbnrnya warna dia bukan merah tp peach campur dgn pink sikit..:)

  2. Wow... Cool... Ohsem... OOTD di mana2 sahaja (^_^)