Saturday, October 6, 2012

Events this month

Assalamualaikum and hye everyone, 
Just want to share some events that will happen this month so anyone who don’t have place to hangout are recommended to come and join all the events here. Every weekend will have activities so please have fun there and you will find something interesting here.

Stellar Boutique second branch Section 7 Shah Alam Official Launch this weekend.

Bohemian Bazaar is BACK with a new theme for us to shop and party with at the same time! JUNGLE BAZAAR comprises of shopping, food, art, music, literature (POETRY SLAM!!) and also the first ever car boot sale! 

KL48DevFlections is a collaboration project to consolidate several creative communities of film, art, music and entrepreneurship during 2 weekends of October 2012 at KL Tower.

Come One, Come All to Keyya Kayya Bazaar Events VOL 6.0!!!

I love Bizarre Bazaar will happen this 13th and 14th October. So come and join us. So come join us. Thank you and will see you guys again.