Sunday, January 15, 2012

10 Things Will Happen This Year 2012

This is a new list for me to improve myself.

1- Have own salary - This will happen if I got a job so go go find stable job!!
2- Finish Master's Degree - Maybe end of this year or will continue next year's depends on date.
3- Have own car - Need own salary!!
4- Spread up own business ( Nikisa Closet).
5- Upgrade Islamic Knowledge.
6- InsyaAllah trying to khatam Al-Quran again.
7- Make sure my English much better than before (fluent maybe).
8- Keep Fit - Please excercise!!
9- Do adventure sports.
10- I need a new cameras.


  1. Tertarik ngan entri yang simple tapi berinspirasi ni. Semoga apa yang dihajatkan tercapai satu hari nanti.

  2. saya doakan benda yg awak impikn tercapai...GOOD LUCK!!!