Sunday, September 11, 2011

Styling Tips..


Tip # 1: Update your wardrobe with a printed shorts suit.
Tip # 2: Amp up mixed prints with bright, bold accents.
Tip # 3: Balance a ladylike top with leather pieces.
Tip # 4: Elevate a basic tee with a high-waisted skirt.
Tip # 5: Put together an ombre colorblock look for fall.
Tip # 6: Punch up a white blouse with a statement necklace.
Tip # 7: Create a high-impact outfit with a head-to-toe print.
Tip # 8: Try a single-hued look with minimal separates.


Tip # 1: Style a silky button-down with a below-the-knee skirt.
Tip # 2: Temper a wild print with a denim jacket.
Tip # 3: Try a bare-midriff top with a floor-grazing skirt. 
Tip # 4: Pair a fall loafer with a bright jacket.
Tip # 5: Contrast a prim white lace dress with leather boots.
Tip # 6: Transition your summer basics with an army jacket.
Tip # 7: Make a colorblock sheath a wardrobe staple.
Tip # 8: Combine a pendant + midi skirt for a subtly '70s-chic look.


Tip # 1: Mix novelty prints for a high-impact party outfit.
Tip # 2: Pair a classic Breton-stripe top with '70s-style flare jeans.
Tip # 3: Balance a bright frock and lip with neutral accessories.
Tip # 4: Liven up your wardrobe basics with a botanical-print skirt.
Tip # 5: Combine black + white lace for an elegant ensemble.
Tip # 6: Inject some preppy-chic into a neutral look with oxford heels.


  1. Cik Jannah : haha..yea ke..thank you:)

  2. haih!!cantek plak!!penting menutup aurat...hehehe

  3. ain dzaya:itu yg penting..pandai2lah sesuaikn dgn cara kita k:)