Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Little Leather Jackets..

Back to fashion style. Leather jacket have so many fans. No other outerwear item matches the attitude and versatility of a leather jacket. Perfect for every family member, the leather jacket can go with everything from jeans to cashmere and last for years. Take proper care by storing leather on a sturdy hanger coat hanger and wipe off spills and dirt immediately. Black is the top color choice.

Source : Oldnewcharm
Source : WhoWearWhat


  1. you already have new leather jacket right..cute..

  2. Giorgio Izas: yup, you yg belikan..hihi

  3. Assalamu alaykum! I am a sister from Sweden who really like what you are doing, putting your time and effort to help sisters from all around the world! I also want to start help sisters, and that is my goal in the future! I have started a blog and really hope that you visit it! :)

    And wow this post u made was brillian!! Very well made!


  4. Aesha: thank you so much Aesha for visiting me..I will visiting you back and welcome to blogger..:)