Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hijab Jikken 3 (実験)


'Jikken Means Experiment'
This entry was about Hijab Jikken 3..
Before this i'm done posting Hijab Jikken 1 and 2..
What i'm wearing on that picture is Pashmina Shawl..
Pashmina refers to a type of fine cashmere wool and the textiles made from it..
This pashmina was slightly thick..
If you comfortable with this pashmina it's can be a great style because of this pashmina easy to handle it..
In addition you can also wear it with other accessories..

I'm wearing this pashmina because i think it's suitable for me..
Just want to share what i'm wearing and trying to improve myself in my way..



  1. nice;) jum cek out gaya i pula hehe ;)

  2. nice u....hihihi msuk sini tengok.....cantik2....

  3. @anne aziz : tq yea..will be dear..:)

    @chegu abbas : tq chegu..
    nanti saya dtg melawat yea..hehe..btw tq follow me..

    @Lyaa Suriany : i love pashmina a lot..hehe

  4. dear..wni jenguk kamo nie..xjumpa shout kamo laa..hehe..

  5. haha..tq dear dtg jenguk..cian kamu..shoubox kt sebelah kiri tuh..hehe:)